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Hana no Ka Shuzo

Brewery with a tradition over 100 years

Founded in 1902, the brewery was originally traded under the name of Kanda Shuzo. Since 1992, this brewery has changed its name to Hana no Ka Shuzo, or "flower aroma brewery". Its signature brand is Junmai-daiginjo Hana no Ka, which received many awards in Japan and overseas. It continues to produce sake and shochu (liquor) using century-old traditional techniques. The history of the brewery started when it received rice fields owned by Myoken Shrine to grow rice. In addition to producing rice, they started brewing sake using pure spring water flowing from the shrine. The brewery not only produces sake using traditional techniques and recipes but also actively develops new products to cater to contemporary taste. These new products include sparkling sake, particularly popular among women, and low-alcohol sake. The brewery has a shop selling its products as well as a gallery and tasting bar. Some of their products are sold exclusively at the brewery.

2226-2 Nishiyoshiji, Nagomi Town, Tamana County
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Saturdays, Sundays and holidays