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Kikuchi Suigen-mura Footpath Course

Feel the crystal clear water

Kumamoto Prefecture adopted the "WaW Kumamoto" initiative, modeled after the WaW (Walkers are Welcome) in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to build a network of the regions and various organizations in the prefecture to develop towns where walkers are welcome and create a culture of walking. One of the walking courses that developed from this initiative is the Natural Spring Course in Kikuchi City. The 7 km course takes walkers to a shrine with a legend about Kappa (water imp), Kikuchi Furusato Suigen Koryukan, a community center housed in the refurbished building of a former local high school, wide stone-paved roads, and other spots of interest in about three hours. The best spot is a lookout at the top of a hill which commands a great view over terraced rice fields. Along the course, travelers enjoy the scenery with pure waters that flow down the Kikuchi River and the irrigation canals. Natural scenery changing from season to season and understanding how people live in communities near the woodlands will add delight to the walking experience.

Kikuchi Furusato Suigen Koryukan, Haru 1600, Kikuchi City
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