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Akizuki Castle Ruins (Sakura no Baba)

Famous destination with stunning scenery for every season

The Akizuki Castle Ruins was rebuilt in 1624 by Nagaoki Kuroda, son of Fukuoka’s feudal lord Nagamasa Kuroda. The Kuromon gate and Nagayamon gate are still left standing today. The Sugi no Baba (cedar riding ground) leading up to the castle ruins transforms into a cherry blossom tunnel of around 500 meters during the spring and leaves visitors speechless. The Kuromon gate, which used to serve as the front gate of the castle, now stands at the pathway of Suiyo Shrine worshiping Nagaoki Kuroda. This is a popular destination for autumn when the yellow and orange leaves of the trees surrounding the path come to life against the bold black color of the gate. Enjoy a walk in the castle town as well, which was nationally selected as a preservation district for historic buildings in 1998.

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