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French patisserie run by brothers who love Yamaga

This patisserie is run by brothers. The youngest brother who is the third son of the family is a pastry chef trained in a famous patisserie in Tokyo. The second son is a farmer practicing sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture, using little or no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. The patisserie sells a wide variety of pastries with seasonal fruits, baked goods, bread, gelato, and chocolate. Every item in the shop's showcase tastes smooth and delicate, revealing the brothers’ strong commitment to their craft. The shop has a café with an impressive antique door, which was once part of another building dating back to the 1920's. The café serves pastries from the patisserie showcase as well as those only available from the café menu. Despite its location in a residential neighborhood away from downtown, the patisserie is always busy with loyal customers.

279-1 Katouda, Yamaga City
Business hours
Regular holiday
Tuesday and Wednesday