Hotels | TRAVEL GUIDE IN KYUSHU, "reQreate"

Kyushu has a large-scale landscape, distinct from Honshu, including magnificent mountains and beautiful seas with various hues of blue seen in different bays. There are many spacious hotels and inns where guests can relax, escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy natural and warm service by the staff, savor the cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from the land and sea, and relish the luxury of doing nothing. In addition, Kyushu is said to have as many as 40% of all hot springs in Japan, and many accommodation establishments in Kyushu have hot spring baths. There is a wide variety of spring water properties. For example, Ureshino onsen is regarded as one of the top three hot springs good for the skin and Nagayu onsen has highly carbonated spring water. You can choose your accommodation based on the health benefits offered by the hot spring.