Surrounded by the sea and mountains, many localities of Kyushu boast gourmet cuisine based on fresh, local produce. Popular sea food includes Yobuko squid, brand name fish like Seki Horse Mackerels and Seki Mackerels, which are best enjoyed as sushi, and Takezaki Oysters. Berkshire pork and Japanese Black beef in southern Kyushu, where there are many stockbreeders, and Japanese Brown beef and horse meat dishes in Kumamoto are popular. Kyushu also has a rich variety of local specialty cuisine including ramen noodle and motsu-nabe (hot pot with entrails) in Fukuoka; champon noodle, sara-udon (crispy noodle with seafood), and toruko rice (deep fried pork cutlet, pilaf, and spaghetti on one plate) in Nagasaki; toriten (tempura-style fried chicken) and karaage (deep fried chicken) in Oita; and chicken nanban (deep fried chicken lightly dipped in sweet vinegar and topped with tartar sauce) in Miyazaki. These are offered at a reasonable price for casual dining. Shaved ice Shirokuma (the name means “polar bear”), which originates from Kagoshima, and parfaits decorated with plenty of tropical fruits in Miyazaki are photogenic desserts especially popular among social media users.