Experience | TRAVEL GUIDE IN KYUSHU, "reQreate"

Enjoy activities that allow you to experience grand geographic features of Kyushu, such as paragliding or flying in a hot-air balloon near Mt. Aso and boat rides or rafting down the Kuma River in Hitoyoshi. Dolphin watching in Amakusa offers you a 98% chance of encountering dolphins and a beautiful view of the sea in cobalt blue color. For visitors who want to feel the spiritual power of nature, popular destinations for “power spot” visits include Takachiho, claimed to be the landing place of the grandson of the sun goddess descending from heaven according to Japanese mythology; Kirishima; Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine; and Munakata Taisha Shrines, a World Heritage site. Don’t miss the unique hot springs in Kyushu, such as natural sand baths in Ibusuki, rarely seen in other parts of Japan, and Kannawa steam bath in Beppu, a Japanese-style sauna where you can relax in a stone room with medicinal herbs laid out on the floor.