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Fruits picking at Kichijien

Picking up different fruits through the year

Opened in 1969, Kichijien is a long-established tourist farm. Visitors pick up strawberries from winter to spring and grapes, apples, pears, tangerines, and persimmons from summer to fall in a quiet place surrounded by an expanse of tangerine orchid, enjoying the fine view. In its spacious premise, the farm also has other attractions for visitors. At Kichijien Fruits Direct-Sales Shop, visitors can sample and buy fresh fruits harvested in the farm every morning as well as products made from fruits from the farm. KICHIJIEN Café serves ice cream cones, parfaits, and smoothies with fruits in season. The soft ice cream is made from milk of Jersey cattle raised in Takayama dairy farm in Aso. The milk is directly delivered from the dairy farm to Kichijien. The ice cream won the gold (the first place) in an ice cream cone competition held in Kumamoto Prefecture. There is also a barbecue site (reservations required). This is a wonderful place for a day out.

556-1 Uekimachi-Kitome, Kita-ku, Kumamoto City
Business hours
9:00〜17:00(Strawberry picking is from 10:00)
Regular holiday
Irregular holidays