Akizuki Onsen Seiryuan | TRAVEL GUIDE IN KYUSHU, "reQreate"

Akizuki Onsen Seiryuan

A ryokan hotel deep inside a forest boasting beautiful scenery in all four seasons

Akizuki in Fukuoka Chikuzen area is known as “little Kyoto”, with old samurai lord houses and castle town ruins from the Kamakura to the Edo period. Kanbei Kuroda (one of Japan’s most famous warlords) also has ties with the land. Among the trees and stream stands Seiryuan, an exclusive ryokan hotel with only six guest rooms and a vast garden of almost 8,000m². This garden offers a tasteful view of nature throughout the year, and guests can spend their time enjoying the sounds of the running stream, wind among the trees, and the chirping of wild birds. Another luxury here is the food – each plate is delicately created using carefully selected local seasonal ingredients grown with the rich water and air of Akizuki.

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