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"Iaido" experience

Experience of swinging a real Japanese sword, the symbol of the sole of samurai

At the Matsunaga Nihontoken Tanrensho (Japanese sword smelting workshop), visitors can experience iaido practice under the guidance of a master sword smith Genrokuro Matsunaga. Iaido is a Japanese martial art with a history of some 450 years that emphasizes the readiness to quickly respond by sword to a sudden attack. In the dojo or sacred training hall, adjacent to the workshop, visitors can not only watch how Mr. Matsunaga maneuvers swords but also they can swing a real sword for themselves to cut a post made of rolled tatami (mat made of rush). No worries for beginners. A master will diligently teach you the basics of iaido including how to mentally prepare yourself for the task and how to actually handle the sword. A reservation needs to be made at least one week in advance. This is a rare opportunity to try your hand at a real Japanese sword. The moment you touch the sword, your senses become extremely sharp to the extent that only those who have the same experience would understand.

1907-8 Kawanobori, Arao City
0968- 68-2250
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1515 minutes by car from Kikusui interchange