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Camping in Kuju Bogatsuru: climbing two peaks and overnight stay in an open field in every season

Enjoy Kuju's grand natural scenery

Kuju Bogatsuru camping site is at 1,230 meters above the sea level in the Aso Kuju national park and it is in a registered site under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The wide open wetland is surrounded by the Kuju mountain range including Mt. Kuju and Mt. Taisen and a popular place among campers. Surrounding mountains are covered by picturesque rhododendron flowers in early summer, red and yellow leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. At night, the sky is filled with twinkling stars. The camping site is accessible by two hours' walk from Chojabaru parking lot or Kuju-tozanguchi bus stop. At a ten-minute walk from the camping site is a mountain cottage Hokkein Onsen Sanso, where you can relax your body and soul in a natural hot spring bath.

Chojabara Visitor Center 255-33, Tano, Kouji-cho, Kusu-gun, Oita Prefecture
Business hours
Regular holiday
how to pick up & where to meet the quests
A set in front of the trailhead "Choyajabara Visitor Center" (a flag is displayed at the meeting)
details of activities
(First day)
10:00 Meeting, self-introduction, orientation
10:30 Climbing starts
13:00 Arrive at Bo Bo Gatul, set up a tent
14:30 Tatenakayama (1464m) (Tacchusan) climbing
17:00 @ Bath at Hokkein Onsen
18:00 $ dinner
20:00 Starry sky observation and free time
(the 2nd day)
06:30 Breakfast
07:30 Climbing Ofunayama (1786m)
11:30 Lunch to base camp
13:30 Tent withdrawal, descent
15:00 Mountain climbing exit, dissolution
Chojabara Visitor Center, Bo Gatsur Campground, Tatenakayama, Ofunayama, Hokkein Onsen
[Minimum number of participants] 2 to 6 people
[Age restriction] 10 years old or older [Final reservation reception time] One week before the participation date [Accessibility]-Consultation required if you have food allergies-Physical difficulty: moderate to moderate physical strength is required
Phone name
Mountain Club