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Mini-lantern workshop

Learning how to make a real lantern with a professional craftsman

Yamaga Lanterns Folk Crafts Museum offers an experiential class of making a mini-lantern under a direct guidance of a professional lantern craftsman. The lantern to be made is palm-sized or a quarter the normal size but consists of the same number of parts — about 30 — as the real lantern. There are two programs to choose from. The participants in the short program make a lantern by putting paper parts on a ready-made frame while the participants in the long program start by making the frame. A reservation needs to be made by 13:00 of the previous day. The museum also offers a class of making a Giboshi lamp (a lamp in the form of the lantern top resembling a lotus flower). A reservation needs to be made by 12:00 of the previous day (a later application may be accepted if there are vacancies).

1606-2 Yamaga, Yamaga City
Business hours
Regular holiday
how to pick up & where to meet the quests
Yamaga Lantern Folk Art Museum
1601606- 2 Yamaga, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto tel: 0968-43-1152
◆ Shinkansen use
30 minutes by Sanko Bus from JR Shin Tamana Station → Get off at Yamaga Onsen (Yachiyoza Entrance)
◆ By train
40 minutes by Sanko Bus from JR Tamana Station → Get off at Yamaga Onsen (Yachiyoza Entrance)
60 minutes by bus from Kumamoto Traffic Center → Get off at Yamaga Onsen (Yachiyoza entrance)
◆ Using express bus
15 minutes by taxi (bus) from the Kikusui Expressway bus (25 minutes)
20 minutes (30 minutes) by taxi (bus) from the highway bus Ueki Interchange
◆ Use of private car
15 minutes from Kikusui Interchange on Kyushu Expressway / 20 minutes from Ueki Interchange on Kyushu Expressway
details of activities
※ When the production time is a minimum of 30 minutes
00 : 00 ~ 00 : 05 Reception and explanation
00 : 05 ~ 00: 30 Production / End
00: 30-01: 00 Tour of the building
Yamaga Lantern Folk Art Museum
[Minimum / maximum number of people] 1 [accompanied by parents] Necessary for infants / children. Please judge others as needed. [Final reservation reception time] Until noon the day before participation